UK eCommerce growth

UK eCommerce growth

UK eCommerce growthAccording to Capgemini and Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG), the online retail sector recorded its strongest Q1 performance since 2011. E-commerce sales during the first three months grew 17% (19% excluding Travel) comparing to the same period last year and total online spending exceeded £23 billion. Continue reading


Jobs cut in Magento

shutterstock_127242296Although not officially confirmed, eBay has laid off about 50 of employees in its Magento eCommerce software division. While Jimmy Duvall, head of product in Magento will depart, Ted Pietrzak will be replacing Musaab At-Taras as the interim head of engineering.  The layoffs included cuts in Magento’s product and marketing departments in its San Jose office, it is not clear whether Magento’s other offices will be impacted. Continue reading


Reducing Cart Abandonment in Magento

abandoned_cart_magentoEase and simplicity are the keys, which are effectively converting shopping carts into deals. If the client meets an excess of unforeseen obstacles, then it is extremely uncertain he or she will finish the buy. It’s insufficient to simply attract visitors to your eCommerce site and then lose them due to various types of hurdles present in your website.
You can bring down your website’s shopping cart abandonment rate and raise your income using these tips: Continue reading


Jirafe – detailed analytics for Magento

2f3e.jrf-productdetail While Google Analytics is a great free tool that helps to understand overall trends on your website, it’s eCommerce functionality is quite limited. Although basic eCommerce analysis can be easily tracked with straightforward setup, it would require a lot of extra configuration to enable it for more advanced reports. There is however an alternative built specifically for eCommerce analysis. Continue reading


Private Event Retail

shutterstock_94038304Since the inception, eCommerce has been transforming and disrupting the retail in a much bigger way. Though eCommerce is developing, brands and retailers are confronting new types of challenges and are searching for inventive approaches to develop their business and to work in a more efficient manner. Well, in order to achieve this, Private Event Retail became the most effective tool.

Private Event Retail (PER) has advanced past every flash deals and daily sales to empower new spots of income along with greater business effectiveness and increased trustworthiness. Many eCommerce leaders and retailers are building their own particular private events, which are really exceeding their main brand eCommerce organizations, acquainting them with truly new client Continue reading

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